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You should choose substance over appearance

BASE ON TRADITION : Korean old customs are well preserved in our events because It is based on Korean Traditional Ceremonies. And then, we will offer many events of new style. We are striving to meet the needs of our customers and our service system will accommodate_ customers’ needs.

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The highest happiness on earth is your party

FOOD STYLING SERVICE : One special feature of our service is that we are able to suggest an food styling of your party. Because we are with food stylist who is a cuisine researcher of the Korean Royal Dishes. If you want to do something special in your party, our food styling service will help enormously.

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Ideal Plan Service will be provided you a fruitful outcome

MEMORABLE SUCCESS : “How about a party with fruit theme?”  We always apply the new idea to your party plan and we look for ways to preserve your individuality in your party. This is probably why you host party inviting a lot of friends. So, we will do everything in our power to help you for the your party to be a memorable success.

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We will make your party memorable!

Will try to prepare one-of-a kind party for you

Your party should be well planned, for memorable success. Your party will be supported and planned by specialist with a varied career. Especially, Our planning and food styling service might help your party.

What is inside:

Preparation has the whip hand of success.

We know that to be successful, you need good ideas and to be prepared to take advantage of opportunities. So, We will do everything possible to ensure complete your party’s success.

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A good design add leaven to your party.

The best design and mood for your party will be able to afford you and your friends great pleasure. So, we will pull out all the stops to make the best design for your party because we have an intimate knowledge of the facts.

What is inside:

Carrying the love through all your party.

There are many ways to express your love to your family and friends. Your party is one of them. We will design to deliver for your message in a party tailor-made just for you.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We are most happy when we can see your satisfied smile at your party. So our staff will do all they can to assist your party. We hope that our service will be to your satisfaction.

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